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Jim Parsons Delivers Big Bang At 2010 Emmy Awards

Posted by on August 30, 2010 at 5:34 PM EST

jim parsonsJim Parsons Delivers Big Bang At 2010 Emmy Awards.

Jim Parsons‘  Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (The Big Bang Theory) was one of the biggest upsets in a night filled with upsets. The Emmy Awards are often predictable with the same groups of people and shows being nominated and winning year in and year out. This year, things were different and Jim Parsons set the tone.

Parsons’ show The Big Bang Theory is a certifiable hit. Blessed with a strong lead in from Two and Half Men, The Big Bang Theory has found its audience growing with each passing week. The show is winning fans not just from its core demographic of nerds and geeks, but among many other viewers who are now finding that the show isn’t all math jokes and fish out of water scenarios.

Jim Parsons beat veteran actors and past Emmy winners including Alec Baldwin, Larry David and Steve Carrell. The saying, “every nerd will have his day,” came true when Parsons took the stage and thanked his cast mates, writers and family. His surprise win set the tone for what would be an evening of surprise wins, but more importantly to Jim Parsons and his show, it announced the official arrival of The Big Bang Theory as a show that can stand toe to toe with shows like 30 Rock and The Office.

Jim Parsons leads the talented cast of The Big Bang Theory as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a child genius who is now an adult and works as a theoretical physicist. Dr. Cooper has no interest in women, socializing or stepping out of his boundaries. He is a man filled with rules and quirks, but he also has a passion for his work and purses the things he is interested in with gusto. Often crazy and over the top, Parsons’ portrayal of Cooper has slowly become the center of what was once a ‘boy meets girl who is way out of his league’ story. Gone is the premise that the very sexy Penny (played to perfection by Kaley Cuoco) is too hot to even hang out with Sheldon and his nerd friends (including Penny’s love interest Leonard played by Johnny Galecki.) The tables have turned and she is now the fish out of water with the guys, not the other way around.

That simple switch, a few crazy personality quirks and a story based on friendship, love and science has given hope to nerds the world over that they can have a job as a scientist, play X-box and World of Warcraft and still get the hot girl. While it may not be too realistic, on The Big Bang Theory it works perfectly and Jim Parsons now has the Emmy to prove it.

Be sure to catch The Big Bang Theory season premiere when it airs Thursday, September 23rd at  8/7c on CBS.



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