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Entourage Season 7 Episode 9 Sasha Grey, Ari Gold, Failed Tequila

Posted by on August 30, 2010 at 3:36 PM EST

entourage jeremy pivenEntourage Season 7 Episode 9 Recap Porn Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 9 aired last night on HBO and delivered us the same old stale plot, Sasha Grey, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) the family man and more of Turtle’s (Jerry Ferrara) failed tequila conundrum.

Vince (Adrien Grenier), who continues on his rock star cocaine binge, brings absolutely nothing to the table in last night’s episode. All we get from him is the face of a coke addict, a couple of fights with Sasha Grey and the telltale sign that Entourage Season 7 is officially terrible. What happened to the Vince who used to have sex with random supermodels and various celebrity icons? He has now turned into nothing more than a cocaine-addicted, love-stricken degenerate, secretly trying to control his porn-star girlfriend, Sasha Grey.

E (Kevin Connolly), coming off of last week’s fuming rampage, is still not speaking to co-agent Scottie. Still unable to get Drama (Kevin Dillon) to sign on for the green-lit cartoon “Johnny’s Bananas,” E resorts to the power of female persuasion. He has his assistant, Jenny, call Drama and talk him into signing on to do the show. E rejoices, as Drama will now be the star of his very own cartoon, “Johnny’s Bananas.”

Turtle gets into hot water with Carlos about the whole tequila partnership. Tension soars when Marc Cuban threatens to buy out Carlos’s little family owned tequila operation. I see the end of Alex and Turtle coming soon. Hopefully Cuban buys the damn company and marks the end of Entourage’s tequila infatuation.

In a small glimmer of hope that the old Ari Gold had returned, last night’s confrontation with Amanda Daniels had me intrigued. Good job Ari, thank you for bringing back the old Ari we know and love. The nostalgic Ari persona was short-lived as Amanda Daniels quickly publicly humiliated him. In the golden days of Entourage, Ari was never humiliated. This scene was just another sign that the show has turned to complete and utter garbage. The writers have neutered Ari Gold, the once rampant, self-proclaimed king of the entertainment industry.

For the first time in the 7 seasons of Entourage, I am eagerly awaiting for it to be over. I no longer find myself awaiting Sunday night to see what debacles the boys from Jersey are going to encounter. I now tune in to HBO for Entourage to see if it has somehow recovered from its worst season yet. To no surprise it has not, it actually is getting worse as the season progresses.

While it is quite a shame that Entourage is only coming back for 6 episodes in their final season, the show has unfortunately run its course. All we can hope for now is that the elusive Entourage movie, which Mark Wahlberg claims will be out after the final season airs, leaves us with a joyous departure to what was once an amazing show on HBO.

Tune in Sunday, September 12th, for the season finale of Entourage Season 7 at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.




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  1. I have to disagree with episode 9 being the same old stale plot. This season is much different from other seasons Entourage. The same old plot would be things that you mentioned like Vince partying and having sex with random women and celebrities, and Ari always having things go his way. Vince becoming a Coke addict, and actually wanting a realationship, Ari ending up on the losing end of his battles, and Eric, Johnny, and Turtle actullay doing things on their own are different from what we have seen in past seasons. I do agree that this season has been somewhat boring at times.

  2. Hey Timmy,
    The idea that Entourage isn’t still all perfect and crystal clear, all fun and no consequences is your little wish for a perfect life but makes for a non-believable show. So the fact that Vince has been playing a drug addict and has in fact been doing a hell of a job making you think he’s a prick and not still just that cool guy sleeping with random smoking hot fans is impressive. He is becoming what most stars go through at one stage or another. You may crave boring and cyclical repetitive and continuously unbelievable shows and plots but welcome to 2010. Your kids or friends kids are probably doing the stuff in high school and yet Vince the celebrity is not supposed to? That’s what happens in show biz and in life. Johnny and Turtle don’t want to leach off of Vince anymore, especially being that it’s supposed to be that they don’t spend nearly as much time with him now that he’s sucked into an awkward relationship. Ari would be sued in real life for how he has acted and all he says. It’s realistic to see all of his rants boil to the surface and splash in his face. I love his rants but if he could get away with them for 7 seasons without a major career roadblock how the hell do you expect to believe anything?
    Tim, I think it’s time you start reviewing childrens shows like blues clues that reward viewers for adding 1 plus 1 together and getting 2. You clearly don’t have a grip on this adult stuff.

    P.S. The boys are from New York, not Jersey. Get your facts straight.

    • I am aware they are from New York, that was a mistake on my part, I will give you that. As for Blues Clues, I didn’t even know that show was still around! I will be sure to start writing recaps on that when this horrific season of Entourage is finally over.

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