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“Toy Story 3” Oscar 2011 Best Picture Nominee

Posted by on February 27, 2011 at 6:45 PM EST

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“Toy Story 3” Oscar 2011 Best Picture Nominee

Toy Story 3 is only the third animated movie to ever get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture (the other two are Beauty and the Beast and UP) and it is the first animated movie to ever be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. There are some who will say Toy Story 3 is the best of the three movies and they might be right. Regardless of that, it is good to see it nominated. Expanding the Best Picture nomination list to 10 movies gives the academy the chance to nominate a movie like this. If it were still left to five movies then chances are a movie like this wouldn’t get a nomination.

Toy Story 3 brings back all our favorites. Woody, Buzz and all their friends are back, but it is a sad time for them because Andy is now preparing to leave for college. The toys find themselves in daycare where they are subjected to abuse from wild kids with sticky fingers. The toys all know their fate. Once Andy is gone they will fade away until finally they are used and abused too much and just tossed out. So the crew along with Barbie’s main man Ken and a few other new members to the group plan their escape.

Toy Story 3 has all the laughs and fun of the first two. This was not a movie Pixar had to do and it is clearly not one they made just to cash in on the name. They took their time and did it right. This is a quality movie that is a fitting, emotion end to the story. Pixar has brought back all the original players so the voices are the same and they have written a great script. Often time sequels get overlooked, but this one was rightfully nominated not just for what it achieves, but as a nod of appreciation for what the trilogy as a whole has done for animation and storytelling.

Toy Story 3 has been nominated for a total of five Oscars including: Best Original Song, Best Sound Editing, Best Animated Feature Film, Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. It has to be a longshot at best to win, but it is good just seeing it get recognized.



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