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Oscars 2011: Best Supporting Actor List

Posted by on February 27, 2011 at 8:31 PM EST

christian bale oscarOscars 2011  Best Supporting Actor list, who will win?

The Oscars are moments away, time again to take a look at the 2011 Oscar nominees for Actors in a Supporting Role:

Christian Bale – is up for this Oscar (Actors in a Supporting Role) for his work in “The Fighter.” Sad to say, I don’t care much for this guy since his little tirade a while back while on set. However, his performance of Dickie Ward. Bale had a physical transformation for this part, but also gave a true Oscar worthy performance.

John Hawkes –Best Supporting Actor nominee for his performance in “The Winter’s Bone.” The year’s break out indie film is about a Ozarks teen who is searching for her missing father. Hawkes, 51, plays the the father’s brother, Teardrop. I don’t think chances are going to be too great for Hawkes winning this nomination.

Jeremy Renner – nominated for his supporting role in “The Town.”  “The Town” was directed by Ben Affleck. Renner was also nominated for his work last year in “The Hurt Locker.” It’s great to get all of these nominations, but it’s the win that counts, and he won’t be getting it this year. He certainly gave a solid performance, but won’t be able to come close to Best Supporting Actor Oscar competitors Christian Bale and Geoffrey Rush.

Mark Ruffalo – is a Best Supporting Actor nominated for his supporting role as the “sperm donor” in the film “The Kids Are All Right.” He brought a nice energy to this role, but again, won’t come close to competitor Bale and Geoffrey Rush.

And last but not least:

Geoffrey Rush – nominated for his role in “The Kings Speech.” Rush gave a solid performance in this role as the unconventional speech therapist. Rush is a top contender with Bale, but my prediction is still with Bale for Best Supporting Actor.



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