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Glee Original Songs Debut on Season 2

Posted by on February 25, 2011 at 6:01 PM EST

glee original songsGlee has smashed records on the Billboard charts and blown up iTunes with their covers of hit songs, but now they are about to tackle uncharted territory and use two original songs written for Glee Season 2 including a powerful single by Lea Michele.

Both songs were written to fit into the Glee storyline of the show and take the show into unchartered waters. Part of the success of the show is that they weave known, popular songs into the story. Music is the soundtrack of lives and here these known songs that people connect with are used to perfection to punctate that. With an original song people may not connect instantly with it so it may not be as effective. Here, though, it is only two songs so it isn’t as big a risk as if they did a full episode with all original music or an entire season with originals.

The two songs are very different. The first is a pop anthem called “Loser Like Me,” which features the full glee club has been described by producer Adam Anders as a “Gleek Anthem.” It is an uptempo number where each cast member jumps in for a few lines of verse then everyone jumps in on the chorus. The song is all about gleek power and how deep down people envy the “nerds” of the glee club and want to be like them. It fits the theme of the show perfectly and should be another huge hit for the show.

The second Glee original song, a power balled sang by Lea Michele, is called “Get It Right.” The inspiration for the song comes from her characters recent storyline where she tries to do everything right, but somehow everything seems to go wrong. The song is a power ballad that actually has a bit of country twang to it. Lea Michele has a strong voice and does a great job with this one. She is Glee’s MVP so it fits perfectly that they give her this big song.

I am sure both of these Glee original songs will be instant hits when they are released on iTunes. The songs were just debuted this morning and already are on YouTube with thousands of views. Glee already holds the record for the most songs to ever chart on the Billboard hot 100. There is no reason to think that these two songs won’t be added to that total.



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