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Morning Robot: ‘American Idol’, Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga

Posted by on February 25, 2011 at 11:26 AM EST

american idol top 24Last night “American Idol” Season 10 announced its top 24 contestants who will sing for America’s vote on LIVE television. (My bets are on Casey Abrams or Paul McDonald) Charlie Sheen goes on a Chuck Lorre rant and ultimately causes Two and A Half Men to be cancelled for the rest of the season. Everyone’s favorite wacko Lady Gaga has inspired Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream in London. GROSS!

Last night on American Idol, we finally narrowed down thousands of hopefuls to 12 girls and 12 boys as the 2011 Season 10 top 24 was announced. Starting next week, the following contestants will battle it out for America’s vote [phone,text,facebook] and pray to make it through to the next week. Idol’s top 24 are as follows: Ashton Jones, Jovani Barreto, Lauren Turner, Casey Abrams, Tatynisa Wilson, James Durbin, Karen Rodriguez, Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia, Scott McCreery, Brett Loewenstern, Pia Toscano and Jordan Dorsey, Rachel Zevita, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, Julie Zorrilla, Tim Halperin, Haley Reinhart, Clint Jun Gamboa, Robbie Rosen, Naima Adedapo and Kendra Chantelle.

Charlie Sheen and his recent Chuck Lorre rant has led to Two and a Half Men being cancelled for the rest of the season. Sheen went on a radio show and put Lorre on blast, saying all sorts of insane crap. Charlie claims he has embarrassed Lorre in front of his friend and family amidst calling him a “pu**y.” We have no clue whether or not Two and a Half Men will be back for another season but if Charlie Sheen keeps it up, he will most likely die soon…just saying.

Queen Gaga [Lady Gaga] has been marked as the inspiration for Baby Gaga ice cream in London. What is that you might ask? Baby Gaga is… Breast Milk Ice Cream; delicious. Okay, I am only kidding, breast milk ice cream sounds absolutely vile and I don’t know who in the hell would ever eat it. Evidently for $23 at the Icecreamists in London you can have a nice serving of frozen boob juice. No word yet on whether Gaga officially endorses the rather bizarre ice cream concoction.



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