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Baby Gaga: Lady Gaga Inspired Breast Milk Ice Cream?

Posted by on February 25, 2011 at 10:27 AM EST

baby gaga ice creamHas Lady Gaga inspired the “Baby Gaga” breast milk ice cream?

Baby Gaga? At first glance I thought Lady Gaga had a baby, but I don’t remember her ever being pregnant. Then I was like ok, maybe she adopted a kid…nope not at all. Baby Gaga actually has nothing to do with the pop star whatsoever; it’s BREAST MILK ICE CREAM! Ok, I shouldn’t say that because they are using Gaga-inspired costumes at the Icecreamists Parlor in London to serve the new breast milk flavor. For just $23 you can get a fresh serving of breast milk ice cream, blended with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest.

Where in the hell did they get fresh breast milk from? The first Baby Gaga donor was Victoria Hiley who donated a liter of fresh squeezed milk to the Icecreamists. Matt O’Connor, founder of the ice cream parlor in London is thrilled that they already have 15 mothers ready to have their tits sucked dry…good lord. I am just waiting on Lady Gaga herself to go try out a fresh batch of the breast milk ice cream.

I haven’t heard Lady Gaga’s opinion on the Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream. I wonder how she feels about the servers dressing up like her. Something tells me Gaga will break the silence shortly on the frozen boob treat.

If you are adventurous and in London, head on over to the Icecreamists Parlor to try their brand new Baby Gaga  Breast Milk Ice Cream.



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