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Justin Tennison, Phil Harris Deadliest Catch Dead Cast

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 7:29 PM EST

deadliest catch deathJustin Tennison was found dead in an Alaskan hotel room, marking another Deadliest Catch death.

Fishing for Alaskan king crab in the Bering Sea [Deadliest Catch] is considered to be one of (if not the most) dangerous jobs in the world. It is a job that takes its toll on the crewmen [Justin Tennison] of these ships [Time Bandit] and there’s almost never a crab fishing season where someone in the fleet doesn’t die. The dangers, highs and lows of this job are well documented on the hit show Deadliest Catch. The show puts crews on specific ships and so far they have been lucky enough to not have any lives lost on the ships they were stationed on.

But maybe that luck is starting to run out. Call it a Deadliest Catch curse if you want, but it seems like the men who are featured on the show are now dying away from the Bearing Sea. The first loss was Captain Phil Harris who helmed the ship Cornelia Marie. The most recent death was 33-year-old Justin Tennison from the Time Bandit.

Phil Harris had been suffering from poor health for a few seasons. He suffered a stroke a little more than a year ago and died. Tennison’s body was found Tuesday afternoon in the Best Western Bidarka Inn in Homer, Alaska. Tennison was the father of two and worked aboard the Time Bandit. He was scheduled to make his debut on Deadliest Catch in April.

The Time Bandit had returned to Homer, Alaska after a season of fishing. It is common place for the guys to rent hotel rooms for their first few nights back which is exactly what Justin Tennison had done. Tennison’s cousin Eddie Uwekoolani said he met up with Tennison about 10PM Monday night at the ship. They had one drink then Eddie left to head home. The next morning he called Tennison to see if he was coming into work. When Tennison didn’t respond to calls or text messages a concerned crew member stopped by the hotel.

The manager of the hotel opened the door up and they found Tennison nonresponsive on the bed. He wasn’t breathing.

The police found beer, hard liquor and a small amount of pot in the room. The police are currently doing an autopsy to find out the cause of his death.

As the Deadliest Catch heads into it sixth season the deaths of Capitan Phil Harris and now Justin Tennison hang over it like a dark cloud. It seems while the cameras are rolling the men are safe from the dangers of the sea, but they are still not safe of the immense stress and physical and/or mental problems that come with doing one of the hardest, most dangerous jobs in the world. Is this the beginning of a Deadliest Catch curse? Only time and Bering Sea will tell.



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