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Jersey Shore Season 3 Preview: Snooki’s Wedding

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 7:51 PM EST

snookiSammi returns in a brand new episode of Jersey Shore Season 3 tonight.

Have you been keeping up with Jersey Shore Season3? If you saw last week’s episode, perhaps your heart has gone out to Ronnie, who has been heartbroken over his breakup with Sammi. But Ronnie gets cheered up by fellow self-proclaimed “guidos”  Vinny, Mike Sorrentino ak The Situation, and Pauly D. On tonight’s Jersey Shore episode, the boys bring home what appears to be a small motorcycle, which Ronnie promptly gets on. He looks WAY too big for the thing, and is shown laughing and looking pretty happy. Perhaps he has a glimpse of the future, where Sammi inevitably takes him back (true story).

Sammi will also be returning to Jersey Shore Season 3 tonight, much to the dismay of many Jersey Shore fans, who regard the brunette beauty as melodramatic and annoying. Some have even speculated that the ongoing Sammi and Ronnie drama has been having a toll on the show’s ratings, which have been plummeting for 4 consecutive weeks now.

In related news, Snooki has revealed that she is “in love.” She spoke with Regis Philbin yesterday, saying, “I found him already. He was actually in the last episode. The guy that I called Bernard, he’s my boyfriend now.” Meanwhile Angelina (remember her) Pivarnick has been engaged to boyfriend David Kovacs, could Snooki and Angelina mend their relationship and have a double wedding? I doubt it.

Tune in to a brand new episode of Jersey Shore tonight at 10|9c on MTV.



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