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Matt Voted Off “Survivor Redemption Island”

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 5:28 PM EST

survivor recapSurvivor Redemption Island aired last night and here is a quick recap.

As the new episode of Survivor: Redemption Island gets underway Francesca arrives at Redemption Island where she finds out that she will get plenty of water, a ration of rice each day and that there is a shelter there as well as stuff to make a fire.

Back at Ometepe’s camp Phillip pulls Boston Rob aside and tells him that from here on out he will vote however Rob tells him to vote. Rob then goes to his alliance and tells them that Phillip is next. Phillip is a little bit crazy. We are only three minutes into the episode and already he has reminded us twice that he was a special agent. This could be a new Survivor drinking game. When he says “special agent” everyone takes a shot.

At Zapatera Russell is not impressed with Ralph. He has already set up his alliance of three with Stephanie and Krista. He and the girls then set out to find the hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile Ralph is gathering rocks and just happens across the idol by accident so he now has a hidden immunity idol.

Back at Ometepe Matt and Andrea seem to be getting close and this worries Rob. He knows first-hand how tough a couple that is working together in this game can be. He thinks of getting rid of Andrea if they lose the next challenge.

At the Survivor Redemption Island challenge we find out that they will be playing for immunity, but also a reward of fishing gear. The tribe members will take turns swimming across a pool, climbing up to a platform and using a club to break a tile that holds a key. They will then swim back with the key. Once all five keys are collected they use them to open a series of locked boxes. In the last box they will find a heavy, weighted ball. Another tribe member takes that ball and uses it to throw at five tiles. The first team to break those tiles wins. Coming out of the swimming phase Ometepe has a lead, but loses it pretty quickly. As the locks come undone and they get to final phase Ralph steps up as Zapatera’s thrower while Phillip throws for Ometepe. Ralph jumps out to fast lead. Phillip makes a comeback, but falls just short as Ralph breaks the last tile just before Phillip can break his final tile. Zapatera wins immunity and reward.

As the challenge ends Matt goes over to the winning team, shakes their hands and congratulates them. Rob is livid about, but keeps his mouth shut.

As Zapatera returns to camp Russell is carrying the gear. He sees a clue to a hidden immunity idol and pockets it. Ralph saw him and quickly tells the rest of the tribe and they are not happy. Eventually, Ralph confronts Russell about this and Russell denies doing it, but tells Ralph he doesn’t like how he is coming after him.

On Redemption Island Francesca gets her luxury item, a journal and says she hopes that Phillip is not the one that joins her next.

As Ometepe returns to camp Phillip gives a speech telling everyone he is proud of them and wishing he had done better. He also says he will not scramble for votes and will let the tribe decide what to do. Rob reassures Phillip then pulls his alliance together. He is angry with Matt and wants him gone. They decide to split the votes between Matt and Kristina hoping this will force Kristina to play her idol and get rid of Matt at the same time. He then pulls Phillip aside and tells him not to go crazy at tribal, but to instead act like a guy who is upset with his performance and afraid of being voted out. He tells Phillip that he will signal him as to whom to vote for at tribal.

At the Survivor Redemption Island tribal council Phillip does as instructed and puts on a good show. He shows off his tattoos and compares himself to a gorilla and a lion. He also says he regrets how he performed at the challenge. Rob signals him to vote for Kristina.  Kristina, as expected, plays the hidden immunity idol. As the votes come down the first few are for Kristina and she feels good about her decision. Phillip gets a couple then the votes for Matt come. As the votes are read Matt realizes he has been blindsided. Matt’s alliance with Andrea and congratulating Zapatera on their win costs him and he is voted out of the tribe and off to Redemption Island. He is shocked and Andrea is dumbfounded.

As the episode of Survivor ends Matt shows up at Redemption Island and Francesca admits that she is even shocked to see him.



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