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Demi Lovato: Dating, Rehab, Jonas Brothers

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 4:28 PM EST

demi lovato datingDemi Lovato just left rehab and the Disney star can’t seem to catch a break.

Rumors about Demi Lovato pop up just about every day as the Disney star is receiving a lot of media attention, post rehab. Recently Lovato dating Wilmer Valderrama has been circulating throughout the tabloids and social networking sites. [Twitter, Facebook] Another rumor about the young Demi Lovato is that her and Joe Jonas [Jonas Brothers] have patched things up and are now on “speaking” terms. What rumors can we believe about Demi?

We know for a fact Demi Lovato has not returned to the set of Sonny with a Chance and is NOT back in the studio recording music. As far as the whole Wilmer Valderrama dating rumor goes; it is possible but as of right now just pure speculation. If Lovato is dating Valderrama then good for her, maybe he can help her through the post rehab process. I know people are making a big deal because Wilmer has dated Lindsay but you have to remember one thing. Lindsay Lohan hasn’t always been a coke-snorting jewel thief; she was at once a very talented Disney star.

The newest rumor which I just read says something about Demi Lovato getting back with Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers fame. As far as these two dating, that will probably never happen again because Joe seems happy with Ashley Greene (Twilight). Perhaps this rumor could be that Demi reached out to Joe in order to make amends as a part of her post rehab to-do list. That I could very well believe but as far as these two dating…not gonna happen.



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  1. The only reason that Demi Lovato would even THINK about contacting Joe is just to get closure on her life so she can move on. Why the hell would she want to amend a relationship with a dipshit that broke her heart? The guy was scum and she deserves better than him.

  2. As far as Demi Dating Wilmer, he recently denied this rumor and stated he was single. So yeah…there goes that rumor. And frankly none of these are negative ones if you really think about it. So that’s good. These rumors are petty at best.

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