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Lunch Robot: Space Shuttle Discovery Launch, Lincoln Tunnel Accident

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 3:46 PM EST

space shuttle discoveryThe Space Shuttle Discovery will launch for the final time today and a serious accident in the Lincoln Tunnel has traffic backed up.

The Space Shuttle Discovery will launch for its final time today live from Kennedy Space Center. NASA has released an official launch time of 4:50|3:50c so make sure you tune it to nasa.gov to watch is blast into outer space. While we prepare for the shuttle to launch, people up north are dealing with a major Lincoln Tunnel Accident. Reports from New York City are saying that two [or 3] buses crashed and one of them ran into am motorcycle! So far 61 people are estimated to be injured no word on any death thus far.

I will be walking outside today to watch the Space Shuttle Discovery perform its final launch. NASA’s shuttle will blast into outer space one last time at 4:50 EST from Kennedy Space Center. Today’s launch will mark the 39th mission flown by Discovery since its first launch in 1984. You can watch the launch happen live on NASAtv, HDNET or from your Playstation 3 console. If you have never witnessed a space shuttle launch I suggest you tune in today, it really is quite spectacular.

Citizens and tourists traveling in New York City are dealing with some pretty insane traffic as a HUGE Lincoln Tunnel Accident occurred earlier this morning. Reports suggest two buses crashed into a motorcycle and around 61 people are injured. I want to wish everyone involved the best of luck and if you are caught in the traffic, just remember to be patient.



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