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American Idol 2011 Live Performances on FOX

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 3:16 PM EST

american idol liveAmerican Idol live performances will begin next week on FOX.

Last night on American Idol we watched the 50 contestants performed their solo acts in front of the judges for do or die.  The first of the Las Vegas round were performances from the Beatles library. This helped the judges decide and take the 61 contestants, down to 40.  Then, it was back to Los Angeles where the judges held personal meetings with the contestants to let them know if they would be a part of the final 24.

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We saw a real side to Jennifer Lopez that arguably we may have never seen before.  The superstar had an extremely hard time as the news was given to more and more of the contestants. Of course, those that made it through were easy and joyous.  But when it came to fan favorite Chris Medina, wow, who could hold back the tears.  Jennifer was the judge who gave Chris the bad news.  She told him that she had so much respect for him that his story had touch her, but he also has his moments during the audition process and that he wouldn’t be moving on.  She gave him a hug, as did Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Tyler asked Chris to give his fiancée Juliana a kiss for him.  In case you didn’t know, Chris was engaged to Juliana who suffered a serious car accident that left her seriously injured.  Chris has been her care taker since and is determined to stand by her.

J.Lo was able to hold back the tears until Chris left the room. Then the flood gates opened. She was so visibly upset. Randy and Steven tried to console her, but the show eneded, leaving us wondering if she will be able to get it together and finish with the elimination process. J.Lo, I’ve earned more respect for you. You seem to be true and genuine.



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