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Survivor Redemption Island: Episode 2 Immunity

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 11:59 AM EST

survivor redemption island mattSurvivor Redemption Island aired a brand new episode last night on CBS.

The Ometepe tribe wins Immunity for the 2nd time in a row this week on Survivor Redemption Island and Russell makes a point to carry the reward back to camp, knowing it may contain a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Russell does find a clue, but has no intention of sharing it with the rest of the tribe, hiding it quickly. Russell thinks Ralph is “the dumbest player in this game”, but unknown to him, Ralph saw him hide the clue AND already found the immunity idol Russell is so desperately looking for. Ralph tells the other tribe members he saw Russell hiding the clue and decides to confront him, Russell denies having it and becomes overly defensive, telling Ralph he doesn’t “like how you’re coming at me”. I don’t think Russell is making a lot of friends on Ometepe and I’d bet as soon as they get to their first tribal council, he’ll be voted out. At least that is what I would bet on at this particular moment in time, as we know, friendships change quickly in the game of Survivor.

On Zapatera, the alumni Survivor player is doing the exact opposite. Boston Rob is smart and knows how to play without being so obvious about it or pissing people off. It is unfortunate his tribe hasn’t been able to win an immunity challenge yet. I think whoever decided to bring him back and put him into a tribe of Survivor newbies is a genius. Having played the game more than once, he is able to foresee issues and play accordingly. The players on his tribe are being smart by taking advantage of his experience, but also know later in the game they will have to start making their own decisions. Between his well thought out plans and Phillip’s delusional craziness so far this season is pretty entertaining.

At this week’s Survivor Redemption Island tribal council, Kristina played the immunity idol unnecessarily, and Matt was voted out. After seeing Matt and Andrea becoming close and Matt shaking hands with members of the Ometepe tribe right after Zapatera had lost the challenge, Boston Rob decided he needed to go. This, I think was an amazing blindside, so early in the game, and Matt having not overly done anything to upset the tribe. He is now off to Redemption Island to join Francesca and compete in a duel to decide who gets to stay.

Watch Survivor Wednesday on CBS 8p/7c to see who gets to stay in the game on Redemption Island.



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