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Chris Medina Eliminated, Jennifer Lopez Meltdown

Posted by on February 23, 2011 at 10:16 PM EST

chris medina american idolTonight on American Idol, the 2-hour special ended with Chris Medina being cut and Jennifer Lopez having a mental breakdown.

Chris Medina, the American Idol Milwaukee contestant everyone fell in love with has been cut from the competition. Tonight the judges had a tough decision to make as the Idol hopefuls  were dwindled down to the top 24. As the 2-Hour special came to an end on FOX, Medina was the last contestant of the night to face the judges. Jennifer Lopez, after telling him he didn’t make it, had a mental breakdown. As we cut scene to the “To Be Continued” message, Ryan Seacrest‘s voice over asks if J-Lo will return tomorrow night.

I really thought Chris Medina would make it into the top 24 and his American Idol elimination tonight came as a shock to me. I don’t know why he was cut to be honest. Maybe the producers thought he would control the American vote with his heart wrenching back story. I honestly back the emotion that Jennifer Lopez showed tonight 100% and that kid is as real as a man can get. I want to wish him and his fiancée Julianna the best of luck and I hope she keeps on getting better. [read the whole back story on Chris Medina]

Chris, even though you were eliminated tonight, you will forever be remembered and supported by millions of Americans. You sir showed everyone what true love and a “real” man is and won over the hearts of fans forever. Take care and good luck!



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