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Kim Kardashian Loves Warm Nuts!

Posted by on February 23, 2011 at 1:22 PM EST

kim kardashian nutsKourtney and Kim love warm nuts in their mouth!

Who loves warm nuts in their mouth? Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian do. No really, they love the warm nuts you can get from street vendors in New York. That’s how the new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York starts out, then BAM its Shengo Deane and Kim in bed.  They discuss their next date and then Shengo heads out, while heading to the front door Kim hears something which ends up being Kourtney and Scott Disick having sex in their room. Kim went over to listen and asked Shingo if he could hear what Kourtney was saying he said yes. Hey, I couldn’t hear, I want to know, I think Kourtney and Scott are serious sexual deviants on the DL. Kourtney is mortified when she finds out Kim heard. Is this the same girl who was broadcasting how she loves warm nuts in her mouth while on the street in NYC?

Kim Kardashian, Kourtney, Scott and Shingo go out on a double date at the bowling alley where only Scott could pull off a nice suit and bowling shoes. While at the bowling alley Shengo drops a bomb. His visa is expiring and he has to go back to Australia in two days. With Kim hanging around the condo, Kourtney won’t give it up to Scott so he decides to hit the fitness center and Kourtney decides to join him. Somehow this purely innocent workout turns into a quickie in the fitness center bathroom, which then leads to another quickie in the public ladies room in a building where Kim is shooting a Glamour magazine cover. Unfortunately, they get totally busted by some random chick and Kourtney tells Scott they can’t do that anymore.

So, it’s Shengo’s last night in America and he and Kim Kardashian go to the Empire State Building for the evening. Kim brings up an idea Scott had to solve Shingo’s visa problem, she could marry him. And for a minute, Shengo seems into the idea. But, then Kim decides she only wants to get married (this time) for the right reasons, and we watch as she has to tearfully say goodbye. Apparently they aren’t interested in a long distance relationship because Kim says she thinks she may never see him again. Well that’s too bad for her, but hey great story for Shengo right? I went to America and banged Kim Kardashian, he’ll be telling that tale until the day he dies.

Tune in for a brand new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York next Sunday night at 10|9c on E!



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