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American Idol’s David Archuleta Career Plans [Video Blog]

Posted by on February 23, 2011 at 12:44 PM EST

david archuletaDavid Archuleta has gone on camera to discuss his life as well as the future of his music career.

American Idol contestant David Archuleta has opened up about his recent Jive Records debacle. In a recent video blog, David opens up about his family first and then the state of his career. He wants his fans to know that everything is going to be alright, despite the recent record label / management drop.

While David Archuleta did not win American Idol, he was a finalist. David is an amazing young singer and I have no idea why Jive Records would drop him from the label. Archuleta let’s his fans know that he has been writing and the most important thing he has gotten out of this is the relationship with his fans. He also discusses on the management company which he didn’t feel like was right for him.

Here is the video blog of David Archuleta discussing his life and future as a recording artist, enjoy:



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  1. Tim,
    Did you see his video at all? What do you mean when you said you had no idea why Jive dropped him? In the video, he said Jive offered him to stay, but he opted out. Because the company has changed and he has changed a direction of music. Sounds to me he wants more control of his music, not controlled by the label or even other music professionals. Often musicians struggle between who they want to be as an artist and who they try to be as labels want them to be. This time, as he put, he followed his gut feelings to be more independent.

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