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Demi Lovato: Underage Drinking, Wilmer Valderrama, Lindsay Lohan

Posted by on February 23, 2011 at 10:24 AM EST

demi lovato wilmer valderramaDemi Lovato is quickly getting back to her celebrity life, post rehab.

Demi Lovato who just finished her stint in rehab has wasted no time getting back to her life. Rumor has is it that she engaged in underage drinking at a party with her sister named Dallas. On top of that, Lovato has been spotted out and about with Wilmer Valderrama, the ex of soon-to-be felon, Lindsay Lohan. Has Demi finally moved on from Joe Jonas?

First and foremost let’s clear this whole underage drinking rumor up. Demi Lovato may have had a party at her house but that does not mean she was drinking. A rep close to Lovato says the rumors are completely false as her sister; Dallas is busy filming a movie. I love reading people say “has Demi fell off the wagon” because I assume they are talking about her rehab. Too bad Demi wasn’t in rehab for alcohol or substance abuse.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the Demi Lovato dating Wilmer Valderrama rumors that are currently spreading like wildfire. Could Lovato be dating the ex of Lindsay Lohan? According to recent reports the two stars have been spotted out together on several occasions. The Lovato-Valderrama duo even caught a movie together at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. If they are in fact dating, we want to wish them both the best of luck with their relationship.



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  1. Your source of information about this so called “Coupling” is based off of Perez Hilton. Perez flippin Hilton, someone who is known for being WRONG and reporting inaccurate gossip. Also where are the pictures of this so called “Sighting” eh? You would think that out of all the pics they have of her out there, there would be at least ONE Picture of them together in a public place via candids. Where are those pics? In fact where is a credible SOURCE to report such a thing? Did I forget to also mention that the source of this so called NEWS is Perez Hilton? That should set off a few lights.

    THere is no proof to suggest that these two are an actual item and there is no credible proof to suggest that these two people are even dating let alone hang out with each other. Hell both reps for each of them have denied such a thing.

    Oh yeah and the source is PEREZ HILTON!!!!! THat should be your clue that this is a bogus story. Perez Hilton is about as reliable as Zack Taylor.

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