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Happy Birthday Drew Barrymore!

Posted by on February 22, 2011 at 4:29 PM EST

drew barrymore will kopelmanHappy Birthday Drew Barrymore; are you dating Will Kopelman?

Drew Barrymore (36-years-old today, Happy Birthday!) was spotted out and about in LA yesterday with Justin Long; wait that’s not Justin, that’s Will Kopelman! Has Barrymore finally moved on from Long and started dating Kopelman? Photos of the two spending some quality time together would say the answer is YES.

First and foremost we want to wish Drew Barrymore a happy birthday as she turns 36 today. Now let’s get on to this dating Will Kopelman business. Will Who? Evidently Kopelman’s father is the former CEO of Chanel, Arie Kopelman. Sounds like Drew found a winner here, now if she would just confirm that she is in fact dating Will. Anyways, enjoy the photo of the new couple out in public together, hopefully we will have dating confirmation soon.



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