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National Margarita Day 2011: Jennifer Aniston’s New Haircut!

Posted by on February 22, 2011 at 4:12 PM EST

jennifer aniston haircutJennifer Aniston has dropped her traditional do for a brand new hair cut.

Jennifer Aniston is celebrating National Margarita Day 2011 with a brand new haircut. The ‘Friends’ actress just recently changed up her hair-do from her traditional long-layered look to a new, shoulder length bob cut. I’d say Aniston had one too many margaritas but she cut her hair off before today’s National Margarita Day holiday.

What sparked Jennifer Aniston to cut her signature look off?  Well for Justin Bieber is was the fact that he wanted to mature, that’s why he cut his hair off… maybe Jennifer Aniston followed suit. Regardless of what made decide on the new haircut, Aniston still looks amazing and I would gladly date her any day of the week.

As you judge Jennifer Aniston and her new haircut, make sure you do so with a Margarita in your hand. Today is National Margarita Day 2011 as we celebrate the pioneer of the drink, Barman “Willie.” Cheers to you my friend, people around the world will forever enjoy Happy Hour and your beloved Margarita’s!



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