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Lunch Robot: Somali Pirate Attack, Iranian Warships

Posted by on February 22, 2011 at 2:53 PM EST

somali piratesSomali Pirates attack 4 americans and 2 Iranian warships cross the Suez Canal.

They’re not the suave pirates made from the same stuff as Johnny Depp. They are cruel and unforgiving criminals, and US reports have indicated that a band of them (Somali pirates) have killed 4 Americans (Jean Adam, Scott Adam, Bob Riggle, Phyllis Macay) who were being held hostage aboard their yacht, in cold blood. The yacht was being trailed by navy ships, and as they approached, gunfire was heard. All 4 hostages were found slain.

Mark Fox, the commander of US naval forces, has said that two of the Somali pirates were killed in a confrontation with a navy, and two others had been dead for some time (of undisclosed causes). Our thoughts and prayers at Robot Celeb go out to the friends and families of the four victims of this horrific attack.

In related news, there has been a lot of unrest about two Iranian warships having successfully crossed the Suez canal for the first time since 1979, which Israel viewed as a provocation. The two ships are called the Alvand, and the Kharg. It has been reported that the Alvand normally carries on board torpedoes, as well as anti-ship missiles.

Yigal Palmor, a foreign ministry spokesman says, “”We are talking about an unprecedented Iranian military presence in the Mediterranean, and that is a provocation to which the international community must react firmly.” With the current political unrest in the Middle East, this latest move by Iran is viewed by many with great trepidation, and concern.



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