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Justin Bieber Haircut, Selena Gomez Flowers [POLL]

Posted by on February 22, 2011 at 10:56 AM EST

justin bieber haircutJustin Bieber gets a new haircut and showers Selena Gomez with flowers.

Justin Bieber worked hard at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game over the weekend and decided it was time for a change. Yesterday Biebs called in to TMZ Live and confirmed a secret they had about him…he got a haircut! WHAT!? The Canadian boy wonder cut off that mop on his head that made the ladies go wild? Yes, he sure did, he claims that it is time to mature and this is one of the steps he must take. Another step to maturing he recently took was buying his “friend” Selena Gomez a WHOLE flower shop! They grow up so fast, don’t they?

TMZ has the first photo of Justin Bieber with his new hair style and it looks the same to me. It’s almost like he just messed it up a bit but hey I guess it is a little shorter. As far as the Selena Gomez flower story goes, Bieber would neither confirm nor deny that ordeal on TMZ Live yesterday. However, they have proof that shows he bought an entire flower shop and it took a couple of trucks to make the delivery to the young Gomez, who was ecstatic about her gift.

Game over Biebs, just let everyone know that you and Selena Gomez are dating and get it over with. Enjoy the photo of Justin Bieber’s new haircut and answer the poll below!

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  1. i do not like his haircut

  2. justin bibier is hotttt cutee?

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