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Desperate Housewives: Eva Longoria’s Farewell Letter Recap

Posted by on February 21, 2011 at 7:46 PM EST

eva longoria desperate housewivesDesperate Housewives aired its brand new Farewell Letter episode.

It’s all about leaving!  Sunday night’s episode of Desperate Housewives shows us how hard it is to leave. Gabby (Eva Longoria) was told by her therapist to go back to her hometown and read a letter she wrote to her dead stepfather in order to let go of the pain he caused her by molesting her as a child. At first, she is reluctant, and Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) is there to push her along. Then, Gabby arrives into town and discovers she’s a superstar. The town welcomes “their only famous resident” back with open arms. Gabby of course enjoys every minute of it. She extends her trip to make guest appearances, but meets up with a nun whom she is not too happy to see. Gabby revealed her secret about her stepfather to this school nun over 20 years ago. The nun didn’t believe her than and still doesn’t believe her. Gabby confronts her, and feels she can finally move on. Her and Carlos LEAVE to go back home.

After Bree (Marcia Cross) finally reveals to Keith that he has a son, we see Keith (Brian Austin Green) playing baseball with him in Bree’s front yard. Keith is upset to know that he has only one afternoon to spend with him before his son heads back to his home in Florida. Keith is upset with Bree for holding this secret and wasting a week of time he could have spent with Charlie.  He asks Bree to move to Florida so he could be closer to Charlie. Bree turns him down. Keith says he can’t go by himself, because he won’t be able to leave Bree. Bree convinces Keith that he will meet and love more women in his life, but the love for his child will never go away. Keith LEAVES Bree to be with his son.

Susan (Teri Hatcher) uses her Desperate Housewives ailment to get out of a ticket from a police officer. She likes how this works and starts using her ailment to get her way. She shares this idea with Renee (Vanessa Williams) who wants Susan to help her get into a new restaurant in town. The girls arrive, Susan lays on the charm, and the patrons who are also waiting don’t allow Susan to get away with it.  Renee and Susan are left to wait for their table, when Susan suddenly collapses. We don’t see her LEAVING for the hospital, but we can only assume she did. (Okay, that was a stretch, but I had to get the LEAVING theme in here somehow.)

Lynette (Felicity Huffman) has had it with her older, twin sons doing absolutely nothing for themselves.  She and Tom feel it’s time they LEAVE the nest. They give them 7 days to find their own place, and get a job to pay for it. Surprisingly, the boys LEAVE.  As they say their goodbyes to their parents in the driveway, the boys head across the street to Karen (Kathryn Joosten) and Roy’s (Orson Bean) house. Of course, Lynette is not to thrilled to see that Karen is doting all over them and they still are not being responsible for themselves. The boys throw a kegger at Karen’s and trash the place. She returns them to Lynette. They have a serious talk with their mom. Lynette discovers it’s her fault they all learn a lesson and the boys find their own place in the end.

Paul Young (Mark Moses) and Mike Delfino (James Denton) take their son to rehab. Paul wants to know why Zach shot him. Zach tells him, he never loved him, and that his mother never loved him, that’s why she killed herself. Paul goes home, filled with rage, confronts his wife and tells her to LEAVE. She declares her true love, and he doesn’t believe her. He sends her packing with a wet head, no shoes, and one suitcase down Wisteria Lane.

Tune in next week for a brand new episode of Desperate Housewives at 9|8c on ABC.



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