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Miley Cyrus Quits Movies, Dates John Mayer

Posted by on February 21, 2011 at 7:19 PM EST

john mayer miley cyrusMiley Cyrus plans to quit her movie career and goes on tour post Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus is giving up her movie career to focus full time on music. Well, at least for the time being. Miley has two movies coming out this year including LOL which she shot last year and So Undercover which she recently finished filming. Last year was also a busy one for her on screen as she wrapped up her highly rated TV show Hannah Montana and starred in The Last Song. Now Miley can work on her terrible singing and dating John Mayer!

While Miley’s last movie got lukewarm reviews it did pretty well at the box office and made at least three times its budget back in US box office alone. During that time Miley Cyrus debuted her new album complete with an edgy new sound and look. Can’t Be Tamed marked a departure from the more kid/tween friendly sound of Miley’s past and vaulted her into the world of adult pop. With sexy videos, revealing on stage costumes and songs about hooking up and going wild Miley announced that she is all grown up and she had. She played some live dates, but didn’t tour Can’t Be Tamed sold pretty well, but was pretty pale (sales wise) in comparison to her previous records that were geared more towards the Hannah Montana crowd.

Now Miley has confirmed that she is done acting for the foreseeable future so she can focus herself on her music career. She told E! Online, “No movies lined up. I’m going on tour.”

Recently Miley has had some not-so-great press as she got caught smoking a bong, has been seen wearing some pretty racy, sexy outfits (never mind the seemingly endless stream of sexy Twitter pics) and general questions about whether or not she is trying too hard too fast to be a grown up. With her parents divorcing rumor is that Miley feels caught in the middle. Billy Ray Cyrus even recently gave an interview to GQ where he blamed the Hannah Montana show for all of his family’s problems. He went on to say that he is afraid for Miley because she has a lot of people around her that are putting her in a great deal of danger.  That can’t feel good.

So with the pressure mounting it looks like Miley Cyrus is returning to what helped make her a star in the first place, singing. There is no word whether she will put out a new album before touring, or if she is just planning to tour in support of Can’t be Tamed. It will be interesting to see what types and size crowds she draws. I guess Miley is about to find out just how many of her younger fans have grown up with her and have stuck around.

We will keep you informed about Miley Cyrus’ new tour and John Mayer as more information becomes available.



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