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Conan O’Brien Nominated for Emmy for The Tonight Show

Posted by on August 26, 2010 at 9:46 PM EST


Conan O’Brien Nominated for Emmy for…wait for it… The Tonight Show.

Conan O’Brien has been nominated for an Emmy for his work as host of The Tonight Show putting an end to a whirlwind of controversy that surrounded his short lived tenure as the show’s host. The Conan O’ Brien hosted Tonight Show saw a ratings spike when he debuted, suffered a huge ratings drop shortly into his tenure and ended with him getting fired, replaced by former host Jay Leno and earning an Emmy nomination. It was a very busy eight months.

O’Brien’s exit from the show came with an agreement that he couldn’t say anything bad about NBC in public nor start his own TV show on another network until Sept 1. O’Brien countered this by taking his act on the road where he played to sold out theaters across the nation. His much talked about show on TBS will air at 11 O’Clock and compete directly with both Leno and Letterman, not to mention The Daily Show.

While Conan O’Brien may not have impressed NBC brass enough to keep his job as the host of The Tonight Show, he did well enough to garner an Emmy nomination. There has been much speculation about what Conan will say if he wins when the awards are handed out this Sunday, but legal experts are saying that his contract is still in effect so he won’t be able to bash NBC or any member of the network unless he wants to risk potential legal action.

Perhaps more telling than his nomination is the lack of a nomination for Jay Leno. Leno’s 10pm show was essentially a copy of The Tonight Show. He carried with him his same comedy bits and monologue style. It was essentially the same show he had done for the last 17 years. Yet it failed to impress the Emmy nominating committee. Maybe this was the Emmy committee’s way of telling Leno they didn’t like his behavior during all of this. Or maybe they just thought Conan was great during his short lived show. Only they know, and right now they aren’t talking.

If Conan wins expect him to be gracious, thankful and classy. That is what he has been throughout this entire crazy late night shuffle. When his show on TBS does air and Conan is free of his contract, it may be a whole different story.



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