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The Amazing Race 18 Recap: Harlem Globetrotters Unfinished Business

Posted by on February 21, 2011 at 5:33 PM EST

amazing race 18The Amazing Race 18 kicked off with its season premiere last night on CBS.

The new season of The Amazing Race titled The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business got started with a bang last night and threw all of the returning contestants for a loop. Each of the contestants in this season of The Amazing Race 18 have been on the show before and while some have come close, none of them have won. They all want a second chance and now they have it.

The show started in the desert outside of Palm Springs where host Phil Keoghan explained that this season would start off a little differently than past seasons. There would be a challenge right now and where you finished in that challenge would determine how you started the race.  The first few teams that figured out the clue and finished The Amazing Race challenge would get the early flight to the race’s first destination Sydney, Australia. The rest of the group would be on a second flight that would land 30 minutes after the first flight. The last team to finish this first challenge would get a U-turn and would have to complete both sides of the next road block they faced. Mike and Mel are the first to finish the challenge. Kris and Amanda, who were U-turned out of the game the last time they raced, finish last and get the U-turn this time as well. But all is not lost. The first team to arrive at the first pit stop will win an express pass which will allow them to skip a road block of their choosing. Kris and Amanda desperately want that express pass.

In an odd turn of fate the first flight to leave has a passenger on board who has a heart attack. They return to the airport and suffer a delay. So the second batch of racers actually arrives first.

Once in Sydney the Amazing Race teams must head for an aquarium where one of the racers must put on scuba gear and gets in a huge tank filled with sharks and an enormous stingray. In the tank they must find a large compass. Once they have the compass they use the numbers and letters on it to decipher a location and a message from a bunch of flags. The location tells them to go to the harbor where they must tell the captain there “I am between the devil and the deep blue sea.” He will then give them their next clue.

Gary and Mallory, the father daughter team from Kentucky, are first to get the compass (it is funny seeing over-excited Mallory’s huge eyes behind her dive mask as big sharks swim past her) and she rips through the code process. They have a good lead getting into the harbor. Most of the teams do pretty well in the water with the exception of Vixsyn who finds the compass fast, but then can’t find the way back out of the tank. At the flags most of the teams struggle and they start to team up to work on it. Jamie and Cara quickly reteam with Margie and Luke who they teamed with a lot on their previous season. They get along well and Luke clearly enjoys having the hotties around. Flight Time and Big Easy, The Harlem Globetrotters get some info from Zev and Justin and promise to help them out I the future. Slowly but surely the teams start to figure it out.

The Amazing Race 18 clue they get leads them to a dock where they will strap on and help sail a 16 foot skiff boat. They each have a crew to help them and it looks reasonably easy so long as you can keep your footing and balance. Cara and Jamie do manage flip their boat over and lose valuable time while the crew flips it back over and gets them going again.

As Gary and Mallory run up onto the beach to the pit stop they are told by Phil Keoghan that they are the first team to arrive. They win the express pass and he then tells them that this is not a pit stop. Instead of checking them in, he hands them another clue and they are off and racing again. Kris and Amanda are second and barely miss out on the express pass they needed badly to help them with their upcoming U-turn. Kisha and Jen are in third place, Zev and Justin are fourth followed by Flight Time and Big Easy fifth. Cara and Jamie overcame their crash to be sixth followed closely by Margie and Luke at seventh. Ron and Christina come in eight, Mel and Mike who started out strong are ninth and Kent and Vixsyn are in tenth. The cowboys, Jet and Cord, who were so strong the last time they raced, are still stuck back at the flags. Jet simply can’t seem to decipher them. He better hurry up if they are to have any chance of continuing on.

This first episode of The Amazing Race ends with Jet staring at the flags and “To be continued” on the screen. All in all it was a fast paced, fun episode that got the new season started off strong and looking good.



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