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Demi Lovato Back in Studio? Not So Fast

Posted by on February 21, 2011 at 12:19 PM EST

demi lovato gold plaqueDemi Lovato rumors that she is back to work in the recording studio may be untrue.

Disney teen queen Demi Lovato, who was recently released from a stint in rehab, has been rumoured to be in the studio already, recording material for her next album. But as it turns out, these speculations don’t seem so trustworthy. Demi Lovato did indeed visit Hollywood Records recently, but this was only to pick up her Gold Plaque for her album, “Don’t Forget.”

While it would be awesome to see Demi Lovato back in action, it would make more sense for the singer to take a break before immediately going back to work and churning out tracks. Overworking oneself leads to stress, which can contribute to celebs visiting rehab in the first place (and it would be safe to assume that Demi doesn’t want to return to rehab anytime soon!)

Ever since leaving rehab, Demi Lovato has had to deal with an avalanche of rumors. For instance, the star has been rumoured to have become involved with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers), who is currently dating Ashley Greene. Lovato was also speculated to have an eating disorder, which is also unfounded. This latest rumor about Demi recording in the studio, while seemingly untrue, is at least a positive one, and will hopefully inspire Demi to get back and sing when she is ready.



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