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Little Known Facts About Kate Middleton

Posted by on February 21, 2011 at 11:51 AM EST

kate middleton newsSome information on Kate Middleton as we prepare for the Royal Wedding.

With the looming nuptials around the corner and the world waiting for Kate Middleton to be wed to Prince William in Royal style, here are some things that you may not be aware of about Kate Middleton:

Kate will be the oldest royal bride. When she walks down the aisle in April, Kate will be 29 years old.

Interesting enough, Kate will be marrying into one of the biggest equestrian families. But she’s allergic to horses! Good thing they have a medication for that!

Once married to Prince William, that sheer dress she modeled in a fashion show while at St. Andrews will be worth plenty. Remember all of the buzz about this dress? Well after she has become a bride, the dress will be worth $160,000.00.

William and Kate are actually related! EW. Now before you get completely grossed out, they are traced to be 12th cousins once removed. So distant cousins. Who figures this stuff out?

Polo, the sport for the royals is not her cup of tea.  Kate Middleton loves tennis! Maybe she can teach the Queen a thing or two about the tennis court!

Invitations to the wedding were sent out. Did you get yours? The Obama’s did not. But they weren’t expecting one, since this isn’t a state wedding. It’s a royal one! Come on, we all knew that. The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson was left out of the mix too! That wasn’t a surprise either. Especially after she got caught on camera accepting a bribe to spill the beans about the royal family! Her daughters were invited and I’m sure will fill in their mum on every detail that she missed.



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