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Grey’s Anatomy Recap Meredith Runs ER

Posted by on February 20, 2011 at 7:26 PM EST

greys anatomy meredith runs erGrey’s Anatomy Recap; Meredith runs the ER, Miranda gets freaky.

Grey’s Anatomy was centered around Meredith being in control of the ER for 24 hours. We get to spend an hour with Grey and all the trauma that is packed into that one hour. There seems to be a big college basketball game in town that everyone wants to go to. Karev has two tickets, but has to come into work and sign off on charts. The newest doctor to the mix at Seattle Grace, Lucy, decides to help Alex so he can get to the game. I thought she hated him a week ago? Well, they do a little mating dance, Alex asks her to go to the game with him after he admits he’s willing to dump Avery for her. She turns him down, only to say she just wanted to see if he would ask her out on a date!

Derek and Meredith are continuing their fertility treatments, and Meredith becomes concerned when she learns Christina was asked to be the Godparent of Calli/Mark/Arizona’s baby. Meredith confesses to Christina, if she agrees, she feels like it would be an omen to her actually conceiving a baby. Meredith feels Christina should be a Godparent to her baby.

Avery and Lexie work together on a case, which ultimately brings us to Avery asking Lexie to go to the game with him, when Alex decides to stay and operate on a child who has been sitting in the ER all day with a painful broken femur. Meanwhile, Miranda has been getting freaky with her tall, dark, and handsome nurse friend in the break room. Derek walks in on them and says nothing to a curious Meredith.



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