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American Idol Hollywood Week Recap

Posted by on February 20, 2011 at 3:11 PM EST

american idol hollywood weekAmerican Idol’s Hollywood Week was last week, here’s a recap of all action.

We watched Round 2 of American Idol‘s Hollywood Week on Thursday to see the group of 100 widdled down to 50. There were just a few that I thought shouldn’t have been let go. The contestants were divided into 4 rooms and awaited their fate after giving solo performances. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler entered Room 1, that contained Robbie Rosen, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Casey Abrams and others. Once I saw Casey Abrams in the room, I knew for sure that group was moving on. And sure enough, the judges made the announcement. More on Casey Abrams in a minute.

Once Room 2 heard the jubilation coming from Room 1, they became upset and anxious knowing their odds were more against them. The judges came in and didn’t waste anytime. Steven announced to the group, “Listen up, people. I’m sorry to say you didn’t make it.” The Idol judges went on to try and console the group saying they’ve faced rejection time and time again and to keep working on their dream.

Room 3 had Mark Gutierrez and Chelsee Oaks in their group. Again, I saw them and thought, okay, they’re safe. Much to my surprise, the judges gave them the bad news that they won’t be moving on. J. Lo gave them some sappy speech about making her a fan of them all and not to let this bring them down. Please, she probably forgot all about them at dinner that night!

With 2 rooms eliminated already, this didn’t leave the television audience wondering about Room 4’s fate. The judges walked in, the room applauded (as if they knew already), and they made the announcement they were moving on. The room contained Carson Higgins, Julie Zorrila, Rachel Zevita and Scotty McCreery. Although, not sure how Scotty made it through considering he messed up his solo performance. How did he not know the words to “I Hope You Dance?” He had time to practice. They’re not difficult words to remember. It was a very popular song. Can he only sing “Baby lock the door, and turn the lights down low.” We shall find out soon enough!

I’m really looking forward to watching Casey Abrams taking it all the way. I’m putting my money on him. Could he be American Idol’s Susan Boyle? Saying this in the most affectionate way, he looks like a muppet, but sings heavenly. The guy has talent. Give him a makeover, and look out!



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