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Dina Lohan Dishes The Dirt on Good Morning American on LiLo

Posted by on February 19, 2011 at 7:08 PM EST

dina lohan lindsey lohan Dina Lohan dishes the dirt on LiLo on Good Morning America.

No wonder why this girl is messed up. Does Lindsay Lohan have any positive influences in her life? Her mother needs to be there for her daughter, by example. Stop showing up on Good Morning America and talking about your daughter. Dina Lohan makes herself looks so dumb. She really needs to keep her mouth shut. Does she really think she’s helping Lindsay at all?

Dina Lohan appeared on GMA on Friday. According to TMZ, Lindsay had no idea her mom set this interview up. Dina told George Stephanopoulos that her family has been affected by the latest events surrounding Lindsay and that they are taking it very seriously. She went on to say how Lindsay is constantly under a microscope. She wouldn’t talk about the case because it’s pending, but did comment how she doesn’t agree with the media making a big deal about Lindsay showing up for court in a tight white dress. I don’t know about you, but my mother would have never approved of that, or defended it. She should have looked a little bit more “serious” and professional and mature if you ask me. This was not an outing to a fancy LA restaurant or nightclub. It was a court appearance.

George also asked Dina if she knew about the advice that Charlie Sheen gave Lindsay on the Dan Patrick Show earlier that week. Dina was aware of it and told George, that Lindsay had given advice to Charlie Sheen as well. George inquired, and Dina told him, “Just get help.” Or great, the blind leading the blind. Sounds like a good plan. Why don’t the two of them shack up together and help each other in their troubles. That should be real productive. Maybe Dina can help set that up for her daughter.



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