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Private Practice Recap – Poor Addison

Posted by on February 19, 2011 at 6:49 PM EST

private practice episode 14Did you miss Private Practice on Thursday? Here’s a Quick Recap.

Poor Addison. After watching Private Practice last week and seeing her discover her mother’s body, Addison has to fly home to Connecticut to bury her mother. She’s being very cold and stone-like, even with her love, Sam. She’s hiding the fact that her mother committed suicide, according to her mother’s wishes of course. Bizzy left her precious daughter a note asking her not to reveal her suicide.

Addison keeps the secret, but not for long. She wanted to go home alone, but the gang at Oceanside Medical decide they must be there for her. They arrive into the stuffy world of the Montgomery family. Her brother Archer is there and looking much older if I might add. And her father “Captain” is there and drunk the entire episode. Bizzy, Captain, Archer? Really? Addison is a normal name. How did that happen? Anyway, the crew finds Addison to be extremely out of character, and Sam is especially concerned. Naomi keeps her distance from Archer at first. The last time she saw him, they had made love, and he disappeared without a goodbye. Well, her distance didn’t last long at all, when we see Addison going in to wake Archer up for the service, and she finds him and Naomi naked in bed together.

Private Practice’s Addison was requested by her mother in her will to give the eulogy at her service. Addison struggles with what to say, but gives a very cold and unemotional eulogy. Kind of like her mother! Pete has an encounter with Captain after the service and seems to break him. After being forceful with her, Sam gets Addison to reveal the truth about her mother’s death. Addison then tells Archer the truth. Archer breaks down at the burial, and the Captain “reaches” out to his children and put his arm around them. Pete earlier told him that they are still his children and they need him during this time. Not to miss this opportunity. So we see him place his arm around them at the burial. That’s all he’s got? So next week, it’s back to Oceanside. I’m glad, because this whole Bizzy storyline was driving me nuts.



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