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Survivor Redemption Island Episode 1 Review

Posted by on February 18, 2011 at 3:39 PM EST

survivor redemption island reviewSurvivor Redemption Island Episode 1 review and recap.

Yet another Survivor season begins, but with a new twist. Or two. It’s 18 players in Nicaragua for 39 days and as the episode begins we see them being dropped off on the beach and heading to two straw mats, the tribes having been pre determined. For the first twist, in flies another helicopter to drop off two infamous players: Boston Rob and Russell, who have 156 days of Survivor experience (but no wins) between them. They blindly pick buffs with Rob becoming a member of the Zapatera tribe and Russell on Opetepe. The second twist explains Survivor Redemption Island. After being voted off of their tribe that player will not go home, instead they will go to Redemption Island where they will have to do everything on their own until the next player is voted off, at which point those two will compete in a duel, winner of the duel stays, loser goes home. Sometime during the game the one remaining player on Redemption Island will be able to return to Survivor and have a second chance to win the million dollars.

The players head off to their respective camps, where I was surprised to see a ton of supplies like axes, nails, hammers, cloth, sewing kits etc at each site. What the hell? Since when do they get all this stuff? What happened to the old days of Survivor when they got nothing? As they all begin to work together a few interesting characters start to emerge. Phillip on Ometepe rubs people the wrong way pretty quickly. What is strange (really there are SO many things) about Phillip is that next to his name on the screen where his occupation would normally be it says ‘Former Federal Agent’ with a question mark at the end. I think it’s possible he’s a complete mental case and the fact that he is wearing nothing but faded red briefs around the island only backs up my assumption. Kristina, a feisty law student on the same tribe starts looking out for the hidden immunity idol and finds it! Whoever’s job it is to hide the idol needs to be fired.

Zapatera is victorious in the first challenge, winning immunity and fire for camp. On Ometepe, Kristina & Francesca make an alliance with Phillip, why I have NO idea, and true to his crazy ass form he totally outs them and tells the whole tribe Kristina has the idol and wanted to vote off Rob at Tribal Council. Big mistake for Kristina, playing a little too hard right out of the gate, she will be a target soon. For now, Francesca is the first contestant to head to Survivor Redemption Island.

We will see how she does all on her own, Wednesday on CBS at 8p/7c.



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