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Serene Branson Complex Migraine Aura [VIDEO]

Posted by on February 18, 2011 at 3:15 PM EST

serene branson migraine auraSerene Branson goes on camera to talk about her complex migraine aura, stroke scare.

Serene Branson, the news reporter for CBS who everyone thought had a stroke on-air opens up about the scary incident. Dr. Andrew Charles (UCLA) has declared that it was not a stroke; it was a complex migraine aura. Branson has finally returned to work and on her first day back, she was the one being interviewed.

In the interview Serene Branson opens up on the stroke scare and what happened when it all unfolded. Branson claims that while she knew the words didn’t sound right, she said she couldn’t help it. She immediately dropped the microphone, confused as to what just happened and began to cry.

Dr. Andrew Charles then goes on to discuss that Branson’s “complex migraine” happens to millions of women. The on-air episode that Serene Branson went through could further help the diagnosis of these conditions that she went through live.

It’s good to see that Branson is ok and she can laugh about what everyone thought was an on-air stroke.

Here is a video interview with Serene Branson which discusses her complex migraine aura and what she felt as the event occured:



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