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Justin Bieber Dies: Death of Bieber Fever [VIDEO]

Posted by on February 18, 2011 at 2:07 PM EST

justin bieber deathJustin Bieber is dead, he died last night…on the hit show CSI.

Justin Bieber is dead, a headline I’d most likely assume to be false. However, this time around the death of Bieber is completely TRUE! Last night Biebs headed to the hit TV show CSI for his second episode as a guest star. Needless to say, Justin Bieber will not be heading back to the show anytime soon as he died violently in last night’s episode. Biebs marks the 2nd pop star to be killed on the show; Taylor Swift was the first to meet her untimely demise.

I am starting to see a trend her with the TV show CSI. It looks like the producers take the pop stars they despise and kill them off on the show. I bet Justin Bieber fans cried pools of tears last night when the Canadian pop star died right before their eyes. Finally, a Bieber death rumor that has some truth to it, even it was while on a TV show…he was still killed off.

Enjoy this clip of Justin Bieber being shot dead on last night’s episode of CSI: [WARNING: may be traumatic for avid Bieber Fever fans]



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