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Britney Spears Video; Lady Gaga Twitter Queen

Posted by on February 18, 2011 at 1:12 PM EST

britney spears lady gagaBritney Spears released her music video for “Hold It Against Me” last night but Lady Gaga still reigns supreme.

Britney Spears debuted her highly anticipated “Hold It Against Me” music video last night on MTV. It is now the day after and I expected to see HIAMVideoPremiere trending like crazy…nope! Instead Lady Gaga has stolen Britney’s thunder with the trend Queen Gaga. I read an article yesterday that was Britney Spears vs. Lady Gaga; clearly Gaga has one this battle. What went wrong for Brit’s video premiere?

Something tells me that for it not to be trending today, Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” video must have been a bust. Either that or the Spears fans replayed it so many times that they forgot to sleep and just haven’t woken up yet to hit Twitter. Regardless, as of right now, Lady Gaga is showing her fans loyalty and dedication. Of course that was also shown when her single “Born This Way” became the fastest selling record in iTunes history. Gaga hit 1 million downloads in just 5 days; that is pretty damn impressive.

Anyways, sorry Britney Spears, it looks like Lady Gaga will remain the Queen!



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