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Jersey Shore Season 3: Britney Spears “Hold It Against Me” Music Video!

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 7:33 PM EST

britney spears premiereRight before a new episode of Jersey Shore, Britney Spears will debut her “Hold It Against Me” music video.

You might say Britney Spears is going to the Jersey Shore Season 3 tonight.  For the last two weeks Britney Spears has been releasing tiny little teaser clips from her new smash hit single “Hold it Against Me.” She has released some on her website and had other notable people introduce others. One of those notable people was Pauly D from Jersey Shore. In his tweet introducing the clip Pauly calls Britney the queen of pop and says the music video is “gonna be fire!”

MTV is less-known for music videos today than they are for their reality shows, but tonight they take a step back to the day when the debut of a new music video by a big artist was a major thing. At 9:55PM tonight MTV will debut the new Britney Spears video for “Hold it Against Me.” Immediately following the video’s debut we will be treated to a new episode of Jersey Shore.

Tonight on Jersey Shore Season 3 a prank war erupts when Snooki and Deena Nicole Cortese throws cake in Vinny’s hair. Pauly D gets in on the mix declaring the war on. He helps Vinny put some poop in a bag and put it under Deena’s pillow, but she sees it go down and quickly switches it to Vinny’s bed.

Meanwhile as a prank war is ongoing Ronnie is depressed and considers leaving the house. In an effort to get Sammi back he sends her flowers every day for three consecutive days. He even sends flowers to her sister. The guy is getting desperate. It doesn’t help him when Snooki, Deena and JWoWW all take Sammi’s side in the argument. Snooki meets a new guy named Jionni who eventually becomes her boyfriend. It will be interesting to see if there are real sparks when they first meet, or how things go down.

I’m curious how many people tune in a little early to check out the Britney Spears video premiere of “Hold It Against Me.” Judging by the sneak peeks it looks like there will be some wild costumes, plenty of crazy lights and effects, Britney kicking her own ass and plenty of sexy outfits and hot dancing.

Tune in at 9:55PM tonight on MTV to check out Britney’s new video for “Hold it Against Me” then stay tuned and watch heartbroken Ronnie and the prank war on an all new Jersey Shore immediately following it.



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