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American Idol Hell Week: Jaycee Badeaux, Scott McCreery, Chris Medina

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 7:22 PM EST

american idol chris medinaAmerican Idol Hell Week continued last night as FOX aired its notorious Group Night.

Just as the American Idol contestants who made it to Hollywood were able to relax and enjoy surviving the first big test of the Hollywood round they were thrust into the next big test. This test was the dreaded group round and is one of the hardest parts of “Idol Hell Week.” The contestants had to form themselves into groups of at least three, pick a song then come up with how they wanted to sing it and any kind of choreography that they wanted to do with it.

Some of them excelled and others fell flat. It was a night of high emotions right from the start. Just finding a group was not an easy task for some. Country singer Scott McCreery had trouble finding a group right from the start. His deep voiced, country style didn’t seem to gel with many of the other contestant’s more pop based sounds. He eventually found a group that welcomed him in, but just as the group started to rehearse it kicked out member Jaycee Badeaux.  By now most of the other groups have formed and are starting to rehearse and he has trouble finding a new home. His parents gave him some great advice when they tell him that he is supposed to just be having fun and to enjoy the moment. Eventually Jaycee finds a group, but is behind the curve since he got a late start with them.

Last week Tiffany Rios made it past the first American Idol Hollywood round, but as she took the stage she mocked the other contestants by saying that she was tired of seeing everyone else trying to do what she knows she can. She sang well enough to move on, but her attitude isolated her from most of the other contestants.  For group week she was only able to find one other person, Jessica Yantz, to team up with so they to be a duo, not a group as they were supposed to be.

Ashley Sullivan has been the poster child of emotional for this season of American Idol. She jumps from ecstatic to crying her eyes out at the flip of a coin and seems to always be frazzled and on the edge of breaking. At one point during group rehearsals she was so tired she wanted to quit. The producers tell her to take some time alone to think about it. She huddled with her boyfriend who convinces her to stay.

There was also some intergroup drama. One group made up of underage kids enlists the help of their moms to help choreograph and arrange their performance. A second group that includes James Durbin and Caleb Johnson and is performing the same song are not happy that the kids get the extra help.

The last group of note is Rob Bolin, his ex-girlfriend Chelsee Oaks and Jacqueline Dunford whose boyfriend Nick Fink was eliminated last week. Bolin can’t dance, and can’t even remember the lyrics. For that matter he can’t even remember the song title. He seemed bummed out by the whole situation and unwilling to really try.

How does it all turn out? Scott McCreery makes it through, as does most of his group. He then tearfully apologizes for not sticking up for Jaycee and says he is the best kid in this competition. Jaycee lands on his feet. With little time to rehearse he forgets some lyrics and adlibs a funny part about not getting voted out. It works. The kid charms the judges and he moves on.  Tiffany Rios and Jessica Yantz are terrible and Randy Jackson stops them before they get too far. They are both sent packing. Ashley Sullivan pulls it together and gives a strong performance. She and her group make it through. James Durbin, Caleb Johnson and their group are not that great. Those two stand out, but the performance as a whole sucks so Caleb and James move on while the rest of the group is sent home. The group made up of just kids who got moms help kills it. They give the performance of the night. They can all sing and harmonize perfectly. The judges give them a standing ovation and Jennifer Lopez even tells them that this was a moment they will all remember for the rest of their lives.

The last group to go is Chelsee, Rob and Jacqueline. The girls are pretty good, but Rob can’t remember one lyric and doesn’t even try to dance. He is sent home and the girls make it through to the next round.

Other early notables that made it through were Lauren Alaina, Chris Medina, Naima Adedapo, Robbie Rosen, Holly Cavanagh, Casey Abrams and Julie Zorrilla who Jennifer Lopez pegged during the initial auditions as a favorite to win it all.

Emily Reed who Jennifer Lopez predicted would get eaten alive by the competition did just that and went home as did Courtney Penry (the girl who did the chicken dance) and single mom Paris Tassin who JLO had a made a connection with.

Tune in tonight on FOX at 8PM as American Idol Hell Week continues.



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