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LA Ink Will Kat Von D Hire Corey Miller Again Tonight on TLC

Posted by on August 25, 2010 at 8:47 PM EST

la-inkLA Ink Will Kat Von D Hire Corey Miller Again Tonight on TLC

Will he or won’t he? That is the underlying question surrounding this week’s new episode of LA Ink. Tensions in the shop between Kat Von D and Corey Miller have built over the past several episodes finally leading to Corey’s departure from the shop and Kat without the guy she has called The Rock of the shop. Tonight some of the dust has cleared and both Kat and Corey must make a decision about the future of their relationship at LA Ink.

The drama aside, there is also the promise of some cool tattoos as we see the return of the supremely talented Nikko Hurtado. Every episode of LA Ink comes with heart wrenching, emotional stories that bleed life into the tattoos and this episode promises to deliver that in spades.

Across town at American Electric the crew that prides themselves on being free of drama finds some anger among the crew as one of the members of the team breaks a rule of tattoo etiquette.

As LA Ink struggles to get back to its roots and shed the drama of the past, the questions remain. The heart of the show has always been Kat Von D, her talent, charm and charisma and after spending much of last season drowning in heavy drama will we finally get to see more of Kat, her life and her art?

Tonight’s episode promises to deliver plenty of what has made the show good as it jettisons the fake dram and focuses on the real relationship between Corey Miller and Kat Von D as they struggle to find if they have a future together.

Catch LA Ink tonight on TLC 10/9 c



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