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Serene Branson: 2011 Grammy Reporter Stroke [UPDATE]

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 6:50 PM EST

serene branson migraineSerene Branson did not have a stroke during a post Grammy Awards interview this past Sunday.

Serene Branson is the CBS Grammy Reporter that was thought to have had a stroke on air this past Sunday. We have been getting conflicting reports up until now on what really happened to Branson. Some say she was rushed to the hospital while other say she was checked out by on-scene paramedics.

We now have the real story of what went down with Grammy Reporter, Serene Branson. Branson did not suffer from a stroke but instead had a complex migraine. Dr. Neil Martin, Branson’s physician explained that Serene Branson suffered from a migraine, which can mimic the symptoms of a stroke. We also learned that at the time of the incident, paramedics were called but Branson recovered quickly and was sent home.

Talk about a scary turn of events for Serene Branson. We are just happy that she is doing ok and it wasn’t actually a stroke. We hope you get any treatment you made need Serene and get back to work soon!



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