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Casey Mears: NASCAR Driver Blows Engine, No Daytona 500

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 4:59 PM EST

casey mearsCasey Mears blew his engine today and is headed home; no Daytona 500.

Today was not a good day for Casey Mears and Joey Logano. Both NASCAR drivers took part in the Gatorade Duel 2 race today and both of them were taken out. Michael Waltrip collided and Logano hit the end of the retaining wall at the end of pit road. For Logano, his Daytona 500 run will still happen, just in his backup car. However, for Casey Mears it is a whole different story. Mears’ engine blew today and he will be headed home. He will NOT be racing in the Daytona 500 this Sunday…talk about shitty luck.

I really feel bad for Casey Mears right now as he will be sitting out one of NASCAR’s biggest events, The Daytona 500. Mears races for Keyed-Up Motorsports and his crew chief is Doug Richert. After this incident, Casey might be looking for a new team to race for as he deserves so much better. Fans of Casey have already taken to Twitter and voiced their sympathy for the race driver.

Head on over to Twitter where Casey Mears is trending and show your support. Better luck next time Casey!



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  1. First Casey does NOT race for Key Up Motorsports, he races for Germain Racing. Second, his crew chief is Bootie Barker. The picture you have is at least 5 years old. He drives the #13 Germain Racing GEICO Toyota Camry………but yes, it was a shitty day.

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