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Jersey Shore Season 3 Preview: Love Struck Guido

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 1:03 PM EST

jersey shore previewTonight’s episode of Jersey Shore Season 3 will Ronnie attempting to win back Sammi.

Tonights episode of the Jersey Shore Season 3 will see Ronnie doing backflips in a sweet albeit pathetic attempt to woo back sullen Sammi. The on-again, off-again couple has definitely given us enough drama and headaches to last any future seasons of Jersey Shore, but Ronnie appears smitten with Sammi’s spoiled, melodramatic personality.

“I feel like I owe Sam an apology and I can’t do it because she’s not in the house and I don’t want to call her. So I sent her flowers, then I sent her sister flowers because it’s her birthday,” explained Ronnie.

It’s certainly a sweet sentiment, but Ronnie fails to heed the warnings of his Jersey Shore Season 3 pals Jwoww, Mike Sorrentino (The Situation), and Pauly D. Their skepticism is understandable, as they have to live through that drama, and we only have to watch snippets of it.

Ronnie won’t just be sending Sammi one bouquet of flowers; he is going all out and sending her flowers every day. In a clip, Ronnie is shown speaking to the florist and saying, “Today we’ll do red, tomorrow pink, and then Saturday, white.” Not to mention all the trimmings that Ronnie is adding to the bouquets (a teddy bear, chocolates, and balloon!)

Will these affectionate advances get Ronnie out of the dog house, or will Sam still be peeved? Make sure to tune in to a brand new episode of Jersey Shore at 10pm tonight, on MTV to find out!



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