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Survivor Redemption Island: Tribal Council Havoc Recap

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 10:08 AM EST

survivor redemption island recapSurvivor Redemption Island season 22 premiere recap.

As the new season of Survivor titled Survivor: Redemption Island got underway the castaways land via helicopter on a Nicaraguan beach. Host Jeff Probst tells them that there are two more contestants that will be joining them. With that another helicopter lands and out climbs Boston Rob. He gets a loud, warm reception. He is followed by Russell Hantz whose reception is lukewarm at best. Probst has the two all-stars draw buffs. Boston Rob joins a very happy Ometepe tribe while Russell joins a much less enthusiast Zapatera.  Probst then tells everyone that there is one more change this season. He explains to them about Redemption Island and how it works. This season when someone is voted off they aren’t out of the game. Instead they go to Redemption Island where they will have food and shelter that is very similar to what they had back at camp. They will live alone there until someone else is voted out. When that second person arrives the two face off in a duel. The winner stays on Redemption Island and the loser is out of the game. At some point whoever is left on Redemption Island will be allowed to rejoin the game. No sooner had Probst explained how it worked than we get Francesca, an attorney with a shaved head from Washington D.C, explaining how she hates that because now the people she gets rid of can come back.

The Survivor Redemption Island tribes head to their camps and the first thing Russell does is explain to his camp that he is a different guy. He says he won’t be playing the back stabbing style he has in the past because it didn’t work. He wants to win so he will do what he can to help the team win challenges. Mike, a former Marine, is a quick standout. He is in shape, funny and thinks he will win because of his training. He cracks jokes and seems like a good worker.

Boston Rob gets his team to work building a shelter and while they work Rob and Phillip talk. They quickly notice that the tribe is 5 women to 4 men so they need to watch out for a female alliance. Phillip talks to the women, trying to charm them then tells them that he is a former federal agent. He explains that he can read people and will be able to tell when people are lying to them. He also says he has a lot of sisters and wants to work with them. While people are working Kristina goes through the boxes of tools and supplies that were waiting at camp for them. She thinks there must be a hidden Survivor immunity idol or a clue to one here somewhere. Boston Rob notices her doing it and he encourages her to do so hinting that he will help her out.

Meanwhile at Zapatera Russell has zeroed in on Stephanie. She flits and giggles with him and they agree right there that he will take her to the end with him. Other members of the tribe like Mike and David see no reason to keep Russell around and make getting him off the tribe their top priority.

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Jeff Probst told everyone it was going to rain a lot and they must really mean it because this time both tribes had kits that had hatchets, nails, rope and all kinds of stuff to make good shelters with. At Ometepe Phillip and Kristina make an alliance and they pull Francesca in to join them. She then finds the hidden immunity idol. Philip immediately starts pissing off the women he is trying to make an alliance with and they openly mock him.

At the Survivor Redemption Island immunity challenge the teams push large blocks up some ramps to assemble stairs to a high platform where they will cut loose puzzle pieces and put together a puzzle. The winner gets immunity and flint to make a fire with. The blocks are very heavy and take the entire team to push. Zapatera has their entire staircase put together before Ometepe is half done. Boston Rob leads Ometepe back and brings them neck in neck on the puzzle phase, but it is a little too late and Zapatera wins.

Back at the Ometepe camp havoc erupts. It seems like everyone is backstabbing everyone and it appears that when the dust clears Boston Rob has an alliance that will vote Kristina out. At tribal council all hell breaks loose. Phillip calls out Francesca for stabbing him in the back. She calls him a crazy person. He calls out Kristina saying that she was trying to blindside Boston Rob. He also tells everyone that she has an immunity idol. Kristina says she does have the idol, but wasn’t planning on voting Rob out. Rob tells her that if she gives him the idol he will guarantee her safety. He is like a mob boss making deals. She decides to keep the idol.  In the end Francesca basically talks herself into getting votes. It is close with Phillip getting two votes, Kristina (who doesn’t play the idol) getting three votes and Francesca getting four votes. She is the first person voted off the tribe and will be the first person going to Redemption Island.  I have a feeling she isn’t so unhappy about the existence of Redemption Island now.

If this first episode of Survivor Redemption Island was any sign, this is going to be barn burner of a season.



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