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American Idol vs. Survivor: TV Ratings Battle! [POLL]

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 7:46 PM EST

american idol survivorFOX’s American Idol will go head to head tonight with CBS’s Survivor Redemption Island premiere.

Like a couple of aging heavyweight fighters Survivor and American Idol get into the ring tonight to slug it out at the 8PM time slot. Survivor is the much older show. Now in their 22nd (Survivor Redemption Island) season they have been around longer and helped to put reality television on the map. While the glory days of their mega-ratings are gone, Survivor still draws a nice size audience and is still a popular show.

American Idol has ruled the roost since its debut. Since Season 1 which crowned Kelly Clarkson, American Idol has been the highest rated show on TV. Its ratings are still huge, but they have dropped off some from previous seasons. Neither show is what it once was, but both shows still have plenty of pop left in them.

There was a time that the winner of American Idol would dominate the record sales charts when they released their debut album. Winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have gone on to huge careers and other past winners have had gold and platinum records. But those days seem gone now. Now the winners are lucky if their debut album registers in the top 10 when it is released and the last few winners seem to have faded from the headlines as soon as the show went off the air. To say the least, American Idol has been pretty forgettable the last few seasons.

While its ratings may not be as big, Survivor recently has been anything but forgettable. The last couple of seasons have seen the show finds it most talked about villain since Johnny Fairplay. Russell Hantz, the aforementioned villain, has been on the show twice and both times he has made it to final three only to never receive a vote. He backstabs, lies, manipulates and generally screws with everyone on the show and loves doing it. Some people like him, but most people love to hate him. And this season he is back along with one of the most popular players from the past Boston Rob.

Survivor has also mixed up their format a little bit in recent years. They have tried a season with having three tribes at the start. Another season saw women verses men and last season we started out with young verses old (although they quickly had to switch it up as the older contestants got thrashed in the challenges by the younger). They have also had a celebrity on the show when football coach Jimmy Johnson was a contestant.

American Idol is following suit this season. They have two new judges (Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez) and will be switching up the format. We will see them pairing the large number of contestants down to a small group much faster and we will get more time to know the finalists when that stage arrives.

Both shows are still interesting and still draw large audiences. They are two of the first really successful reality shows so it almost seems fitting that now, starting tonight, they face off. When all is said and done I would assume American Idol will win the ratings battle, but don’t expect Survivor Redemption Island to go down without a fight.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on CBS to watch Survivor: Redemption Island or FOX to watch American Idol.

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