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Survivor Redemption Island: Ashley Underwood, Boston Rob, Russell Hantz

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 6:35 PM EST

survivor redemption island premiereTonight Survivor Redemption Island (Season 22) will premiere on CBS.

Tonight is the much anticipated premier of Survivor: Redemption Island. Going into this season there was a lot of drama (Russell Hantz vs. Boston Rob) surrounding the show. Some has been put to rest and other things are still left hanging. We also can’t forget to mention the hottie Ashley Underwood who will most certainly grab the attention of the male Survivor contestants.

The lighter part of the drama brought into question the role that Russell Hantz and Boston Rob would play in this new upcoming season. During the all-star season two seasons back these two became pretty bitter rivals. After the end of the season Boston Rob claimed that if they ever got the chance to face each other again in Survivor he would kick Russell’s ass all over the island. The Survivor producers have given him his wish and starting tonight Hantz and Boston Rob will be facing off. Each will start on opposite tribes so, at least at the beginning of the game, their face to face encounters will be limited to the challenges. If they both make it to the merge the good stuff should really start coming out.

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The second piece of drama surrounded Hantz before the show ever got underwear. Hantz was identified as the source who was leaking information to a blogger. That blogger posted information including spoilers that could only have been known by someone who was present during the actual taping of the show. When confronted by CBS the blogger cut a deal with them. CBS would agree to not to pursue legal action against the blogger if he would give up his source. He told CBS that Russell Hantz was the source.

When participants on Survivor Redemption Island appear on the show they sign a contract that says they will not talk about what happened on the show and give away any secrets before the show airs. If they do talk they could be liable for millions in fines. Hantz, for whatever reason, decided that the risk was worth it and decided to talk. According to the blogger he gave Hantz up because when the news of the leak hit he claimed that Hantz was trying to implicate someone who was not involved in the information leak. There has been no information from CBS as to what they may or may not do with Hantz. I have a feeling his future depends on the ratings of this season of the show. If it gets good ratings and he is in the mix, they may forgive and forget. If he gets voted out early, they may not be so forgiving and could go after him. I guess some of it also has to do with what their future plans for him are. They can’t really sue him, then ask him back again for future seasons.

But all of that drama takes a back seat tonight as the show starts out and we get an idea of who the new contestants are and how having Boston Rob and Russell Hantz on the tribes will affect the overall chemistry and feel of the tribes. Judging by the pictures on the site, this season has a very good looking cast so look for plenty of bikini action for the guys and shirtless guys for the ladies.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on CBS to see how Survivor Redemption Island starts.



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