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Dead Island: Tropical Zombie Gore Fest [TRAILER]

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 6:01 PM EST

dead islandToday the official Dead Island video game trailer made its round and it looks amazing!

Dead Island by Techland and Deep Silver got its first official release trailer today. Let’s just hope that if they are as good at game development as they are at making trailers, Dead Island will blow you away. I watched the trailer this morning and it made me want to start slaying zombies on the island right now! No official release date has been announced but it will be sometime in 2011 and will launch on the XBOX 360, PS3 and PC.

First reports of the game came about in 2007 [according to IGN] but no publisher wanted to tackle the Dead Island zombie RPG/first person shooter. That’s not the case now as Deep Silver and Techland are going to make this tropical vacation from hell come to life. While little information has been leaked about the game, we do know it won’t be your typical first person shooter.

Dead Island will have very limited assortment of fire power, leaving you to battle zombies with good old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat. It’s time to break out the broomsticks and baseball bats and swing for the fences as an onslaught of flesh eating zombies strive to kill you.

Enjoy this official Dead Island Game Trailer and be prepared to be amazed:



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