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Disney Fires Back at Billy Ray, Miley Cyrus

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 5:36 PM EST

hannah montanaDisney has released a response to the recent Billy Ray Cyrus, Hannah Montana tirade.

Disney creators of the hit show Hannah Montana have officially responded to the recent Billy Ray Cyrus tirade. Billy Ray put the company on blast yesterday, blaming them for his daughter’s (Miley Cyrus) downfall and also for his divorce from wifey, Tish Cyrus. [I still think Bret Michaels had his hand in that cookie jar]

The source for Disney said that they saw this whole Miley Cyrus downward spiral coming, claiming she wanted to “mature herself, which backfired.” On top of blaming the Hannah Montana for his daughter’s antics, Billy Ray Cyrus says it destroyed his family. Of course he is talking about his recent divorce with wife Tish Cyrus.

I mean Billy Ray couldn’t have believed that a company as big and influential as Disney would just sit back and let their name be drug through the mud. The Disney source says that Miley Cyrus’ future with Disney is TBD. Cyrus can thank her daddy for ruining any shot she had working with them ever again. [Read the full article at Hollywood Reporter.com]

You can catch Billy Ray Cryus’ entire Hannah Montana bashing tirade in the upcoming issue of GQ Magazine.



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