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The Biggest Loser Recap: Jay’s Elimination Shock

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 4:53 PM EST

the biggest loser jayA brand new episode of The Biggest Loser aired last night with a shocking elimination.

It took seven weeks, but this week on the The Biggest Loser we got the first shock and surprise vote of the season. Up until now the eliminations have gone pretty much as you would expect. Those who have been eliminated seemed to be the ones who were the least motivated and didn’t work the hardest or simply didn’t want to be there anymore, but this week we saw a strong competitor go home.

Last week’s episode of the Biggest Loser saw the two teams renamed. The Unknowns were now the Red Team and The Ranch Teams is now the Black Team. Last week Arthur won the candy eating challenge and chose to exchange Jay and Jennifer for Sarah and Denise because he saw them as less of a threat. It quickly became evident that this strategy might backfire on him.

At the first The Biggest Loser challenge all the members of each team are tied together with a large rope. The challenge seems simple, but looks are deceiving. The first team to untie all its members wins. The winners get the key to the gym and will be the only team that can work out in the gym that week. With the help of new members Jennifer and Jay, the Red Team wins the challenge and the key to the gym.

As Bob and Jillian Michaels are working the Black Team out without the gym they confront Hannah about her seemingly negative energy. She calls the entire Black Team out saying that they just don’t have the same team effort or spirit as the Red Team. Her remarks are not well received by the rest of her team.

As the Red Team works out in the gym Cara confronts Rulon Gardner who seems to be not giving it his all. After a heated exchange he admits that the last six years he has gotten used to giving up and she promises not to give up on him. That lifts his spirits and helps fire him up.

At the second challenge of the week the teams will have to push a 24 ton train 800 feet down a track.  As they push they have to answer trivia questions. For every question they get wrong they lose seconds off of their time. The Red Team was faster at pushing the train. When it came to the questions the Black Team got four wrong while the Red Team only got three wrong so they rolled to their second victory of the night.

After The Biggest Loser last chance workouts are done (during which we see Arthur push a truck) the weigh-ins begin. Alison explains that the team with the highest percentage of body fat lost this week would be safe from elimination. The person from the losing team who lost the highest percentage of body fat would also be safe and have immunity. Since the Black Team has one extra member right now the Red Team got to choose one person whose weight loss would not count for their team this week.

The Red Team lost a total of 63 pounds which was 2.68% of their body weight. The Black Team lost 59 pounds for a total of 3.02% of their body weight and won immunity. Jesse from the red team also won immunity. Arthur lost a whopping 20 pounds this week.

For the first time this season there was some drama about who to vote off and there were mixed votes. Moses, Kaylee, Austin and Rulon voted for Jay since he was the newest member of the team.  Jen voted for Kaylee, Jay voted for Rulon and Justin’s vote was not revealed. Jay, one of the strongest competitors of the season, was voted out in the first surprise vote of the season.

In the after show we find out that Jay has now lost a total of 111 pounds and that his health has greatly improved. He is feeling better and feels he can now be a better father.



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