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Justin Bieber Slams Evil America; Canada Rules! [POLL]

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 2:40 PM EST

justin bieber canadaJustin Bieber slams America claiming we are “evil” in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

Justin Bieber has just stepped in front of a firing squad with his recent comment in Rolling Stone Magazine. In the interview, Bieber is asked if he will ever become an American citizen (he’s Canadian) and states that we (Americans) are EVIL. Bieber digs the ditch even deeper when he says “Canada is the best country in the world.” I feel like writing Obama a letter asking to deport Bieber’s anti-American ass. [laughter]

I just covered Justin Bieber last week and said praised him for being an excellent role model for young teens everywhere. I take it all back! How are you going to put America on blast when this is the country that made you who you are right now? If you hate us so much and we are “evil” you can surely go back to Canada. I can only imagine Bieber’s PR people at this moment; they are probably banging their heads against the wall with the ridiculous statement Biebs made.

Talk about an extreme slap in the face to the millions of AMERICANS who idolize Justin Bieber. I usually stay out of the whole politics side of things but since this regards Bieber I just had to share my opinion on it. Of course people will say oh he’s only 16-years-old, he doesn’t know any better. He has PR people that are there to MAKE him no better, I am certain the anti-American comments in Rolling Stone will not just simply be swept under the rug.

Oh well, Justin Bieber has now shown his true colors and his Maple leaf pride; Long Live Canada!

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