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OJ Simpson Hate Crime Victim in Prison?

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 1:10 PM EST

oj simpsonWas OJ Simpson the victim of a brutal beating in prison?

Former football star OJ Simpson has been in the news lately for reportedly being beaten unconscious in a prison attack that may have racial undertones. According to the National Enquirer, 63-year-old Simpson spent 3 weeks in a hospital, healing from his wounds. OJ is currently serving a prison term for his armed involvement in a heist with memorabilia dealers.

Prison authorities have dismissed the allegations, but OJ Simpson’s former business partner, Bruce Fromong, spilled to the Enquirer, saying that OJ was bragging about having been successful with Caucasian women when trouble started. “Unfortunately for OJ, a group of young skinhead punks were within earshot and they were enraged,” Fromong explained. “They waited for a day when he would be in the exercise yard without his usual posse of black prisoners. OJ was completely unprotected when one of the toughest of the skinheads-who’s in his mid-twenties-jumped him.”

An interesting tale, but is it true? The Nevada Department of Corrections has stated that there was “no incident,” and that “OJ’s fine and healthy.” This contrasts with Fromong’s claims about OJ Simpson having fallen into “deep depression. He spends most of his time confined to his cell, refusing to venture out unless he’s surrounded by a posse of inmates he pays for protection.” Something sounds fishy about Fromong’s story…after all, who uses the word ‘venture’ in regular conversation?!



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